Visualize exactly where you want to place your brand new TV in your home. You will know exactly how your television looks in your home before you even buy it!

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Our three step process makes it easy to quickly view TVs in your home


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Brands We Carry


Take a look at a few of our satisfied users

  • Bobby Brown
    We were able to find the perfect TV for our bedroom! It looks just like the app showed us.
    Bobby Brown
  • Brian Hunt
    I was shocked at how far along technology had come! I had quite a fun time viewing my virtual TV all around my home.
    Brian Hunt
  • Diana Folsom
    TV fits perfectly in our living room. Awesome!
    Diana Folsom
  • Elizabeth Bolton
    The app did what it was meant to do. I would recommend it to friends.
    Elizabeth Bolton
  • Frank Binder
    Took a few minutes to figure out the app but was smooth sailing from there.
    Frank Binder
  • Harold Newman
    Tried this app in our living room for a new TV. No complaints!
    Harold Newman
  • Justin Cole
    I've so far recommended this app to a few friends of mine. Great app.
    Justin Cole
  • Mark Benates
    Our living room is a bit tight and has been an issue for us. Finding the correct TV has been a concern but after using AR TV, we were able to get a confident picture of where our TV would go.
    Mark Benates
  • Michael Stanford
    I was blown away at where technology is at today. I could virtually see my TV in all my rooms!
    Michael Stanford
  • Roger Johnson
    Downloaded AR TV on my phone to give it a go. Found it useful!
    Roger Johnson
  • Sheree Griffin
    An interesting app for TV shopping. I'm sure many would find this useful.
    Sheree Griffin
  • Susan Perkins
    I would definitely recommend anyone give this app a try. I found the perfect TV for my office.
    Susan Perkins
  • Thelma Cox
    We've been looking for a new TV for some time. This app made it much easier for us.
    Thelma Cox
  • Thomas Harris
    App was pretty useful. We used it for a few rooms in our home for a better picture.
    Thomas Harris
  • Wandy Pressbones
    Didn't have a problem using this app. I was able to find a TV for my families living room in no time.
    Wandy Pressbones

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